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"I optimize complex products through data-driven solutions that merge user and business perspectives."


  • Supercharge industrial operations within data-driven design solutions

  •  Focusing on advanced users in the high-tech industries.

  • Extensive academic and professional experiences in user and product research, interaction design, and visual principles.

  • Create-manage-improve Design system for responsive products 

  • high level of adaptability and  eager to take on new challenges.


01. Projects


Virtual assembly prototype tool

2022-present, Vibes. technology, full-time

Euro star funded project,

Full product cycle development

I assisted NVH engineers in achieving the smoothest assembly experiences while performing full vehicle prediction analysis.



Test-based model measurement tool

2022-present, Vibes. technology, full-time

New feature design, improve current features

I support engineering processes to improve user experiences by utilizing data-driven measurements and optimizing performance for new engineering features developed during the research phase.


NvH domain products


acoustic simulation and prediction tool

2022-present, Vibes. technology, full-time 

New feature design, improve current features

I engaged in the new feature that allows for script definition of calculation methodology, as it enhances the overall user experience and aligns seamlessly with the analysis system in the Couple product.


design system

2022-present, Vibes. technology 

Adapt and create foundation of system

Adapt Window themes UI kit into Vibes design system to form product themes and standard components as well as layout for specific contextual design. 

Cover template.png
Couple theme color.png
Basic button-fill color.png
Group 859.png

ErP/CMMS for industrial operations


Fleet & asset management system 

2021, dintegra

UX research, Visual branding redesign internship

I have contributed to UX research across multiple industries to enhance product features and identify potential customers. Additionally, I supported the team in redesigning branding identities from web to UI components.



Dessert beauty

web shop design
Amazon storefront

2020-2021, Orange Seller, Dessert 

UX research, Visual branding redesign internship

I played a key role in strengthening the brand identity and improving the customer experience throughout the decision-making process, ultimately contributing to the design of the web shop and storefront on the Amazon marketplace.


printer control app

real-time printer control and playing app for kids

2020, Be A Maker Club

Product design internship

Concept and prototype phase

I assist the team in developing the product design for a 3D printer control app that is designed to be user-friendly for children to create and print their CAD designs. 

image 24.jpg



learn & play

An E-learning app connects schools, parents and students

2021, Master thesis project

Sapienza University of Rome

Concept and prototype phase. 

During the pandemic, the context of the thesis was called into question. The project is designed to improve support and communication between primary students and their parents in order to enhance academic performance.

web version-1.png


An electric mobility service for university

2020, Service design studio,

Sapienza University of Rome

Concept and prototype phase. 

Emo is a sustainable transportation service for students and employees of Sapienza University, aiming to reduce commuting challenges and pollution. Users can reserve electric shuttle buses, cars, and bicycles through the mobile app, and earn credits for future rides.

emo-app1 1.png

social innovation

IoT, model


Bauhaus 4.0, IoT integrated product 

2029, Design and IoT studio, The Maker Fair Rome (European version)

Sapienza University of Rome

Concept and prototype phase. 

 I developed a project to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus. The project combines new technology and classic design by creating an app connected to a physical ashtray through a main server cloud. Users can track and manage their smoking habits, connect with others, and work towards cutting down on the number of cigarettes they smoke for more effective results.

LOGO bauhaus.png

Be proud of your zodiac

Martini community platform for branding activation


2020, Reply challenges 48 hours

Concept and prototype phase. 

During the pandemic, the context of the thesis was called into question. The project is designed to improve support and communication between primary students and their parents in order to enhance academic performance.


Branding activation

About me

02. about me

Passionate design thinker with data-driven solutions to uplift human experiences.
Formal Product design education (BSc, MSc)




Industrial design









Service design



03/2022-present (2 + years)

Vibes technology, Delft, The Netherlands
NVH engineering domain (B2B)
Target users: NVH experts.
Business clients: BMW, Hyundai, Volvo, ASML,etc
In-house product team. (scale-up)
New product development - COUPLE
Design and improve features of current products - DIRAC/SOURCE
Product (UX/UI) designer 
  • Dive deep into product and user analysis within the NVH industry, turning engineering requests into intuitive product interfaces alongside developers.

  • Be responsible for entire product design cycle from research sketches, wireframes, prototypes, and user testing by collaborating with dev team and project engineers team

Design system designer
  • Owner and contributor of Vibes design system.

  • Adapt and build the foundation of the Vibes design system in collaboration with the dev team

  • Continuously improving design components to make sure the design system is centralized, up-to-date, and ready to implement.

06/2021-12/2021(6 months)

ERP, CMMS system for industrial & maritime operations (B2B)
Target users: operation managers, base engineers, Preventive engineers, planners, etc
Business clients: Lürssen Werft, FRIBA Investment , NATIX etc
In-house product team. (start-up)
Product: EAM, SPMS
UX & Content designer (practice -based internship)
  • Conducting UX research on industry trends to inform content creation for digital products related to preventive maintenance, fleet management, and asset management (CMMS, ERP) within industrial operations.

  • Collaborating with the UX manager and content specialists to develop personas, map customer journeys, and create visually engaging solutions for LinkedIn posts and brand activation campaigns.


10/2020-03/2021(6 months)

OFoundation - Orange seller, Utretch, The Netherland
Marketing agency for E-commerce businesses (Amazon marketplace) B2B
Direct customers: small to medium businesses of e-commerce on Amazon platform 
End customer: people shop online for all kind of consumer goods
Agency Service
UI & Visual design intern for Amazon FBA brands (practice-based internship)
  • Specializing in UX/UI design for Amazon storefronts and brand webshops.

  • Primary focus is on enhancing web shop design and creating visually appealing content for brands on the Amazon marketplace. This includes product images, Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), storefront design, Amazon posts, and advertising/campaign videos.

  • The goal is to elevate the customer buying experience and drive sales through engaging and innovative design solutions.


06/2020-08/2020 (3 months)

Educational services for children focus on STEM 
Direct customers: kids from 6 to 14 years olds
In-house design team (start-up)
Product Design Intern   (ircular internship)
  • Be engaged in toy design for kids, CAD, and 3D printing techniques teaching, educational design

  • Cooperated with the engineering team on a Kid-friendly 3D printer project.

  • That included product development about functions and aesthetics and, user interface of a 3D printer controlling app for kids and parents.

be a maker club.png
MSc. Product & Service design
Sapienza University of Rome-

I have acquired expertise in design and research skills, data analysis, design systems, user experience, storyboarding, and design informatics. My projects have included service design for social innovation (UX/UI), design for the Internet of Things (IoT), design experiments with biomaterials, and smart objects, and design for culture and tourism.

BSc. Industrial design 
Ho Chi Minh University of Architecture-Vietnam

Obtained the foundation of design principles, user research skill, prototyping, photography, hand sketching and graphics, 3D modeling software. Projects: Branding design, Design for home furniture, Lighting design, Accessor-ies design, Toy design, Design for specific products, Design & materials, Crafting design,etc


Config 2023

In-person convention attendance by Figma scholarship

It was a pleasure to attend one of the most brilliant design conferences of a year !

  • Engage in networking opportunities to learn from a diverse group of peers and experienced professionals from around the globe.

  • Participate in informative presentations and discussions led by design experts and industry leaders on topics such as development operations, design systems, and fostering collaboration between design and development teams.


MBA | Certified SAFe® 6 Product Manager

"Nhi is a very hard-working individual and a great team player. She is always open to feedback and seeks opportunities to add value to her work and the team."

(ex-project manager at dintegra)


Alexa Young, CA

.NET Software engineer

"Her dedication to achieving the perfect design while minimizing developer efforts was truly impressive, resulting in a consistently intuitive UI. Her work with our specific UI framework not only showcased exceptional designs but also demonstrated her ability to generalize UX concepts. "

(Software developer at


entrepreneur (14+ years) I Amazon business

"Nhi is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits.This driven and solution-oriented approach resulted in extra engagement with our customers and an increase of revenue."

(direct manager at Orange Seller)


Please get in touch if you have any questions or want to cooperate. 

I am happy to connect at

Tel: +31-645374194

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