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UX research and UI visual internship tasks

UX research for ERP/CMS systems and gamification for kids
e-commerce webshop for Amazon FBA brands


  • Company: Integra, Orange Seller, Be A Maker Club

  • Year: 2020-present

  • Skill set: UX research on industrial operations, e-commerce marketing, persona for engineers, marketplace analysis,

  • Team collaboration: project manager, UX leader, marketing manager, brand designer


E-COMMERCE web shop

(Amazon FBA brands)

Accelerate Amazon sellers, boosting benefits as well and earning more customer engagement is a power of design bringing into e-commerce market


ERP/CMS system for industrial operations

Conduct in-depth market research and user experience studies on industrial trends to gather valuable insights for content planning and persona development.

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Gamification, 3D printer control app

Accelerate Amazon sellers, boosting benefits as well and earning more customer engagement is a power of design bringing into e-commerce market


UX/Content research 

  • Company: dintegra

  • Year: 2021

  • Skill set: UX research, the persona of engineers across industries, market analysis, 

  • Team collaboration: project manager, UX leader, product manager

Research methodology

UX research survey

Conduct user questionnaires through Industrial groups on Facebook, Linked,ect with relant questions about product feature as well as industries

Card sorting

Conducting a scoping study to identify potential customer groups across various industries by attending webinars and collaborating as a team to categorize information.


Based on the results, data is used to plan the content calendar with the tunnel method, and cart sorting as well as update the persona, product features, and current events, or give knowledge about the methodology behind products to enhance user engagement from current and potential to come up with those visuals, there is a concrete plan behind to come up with up-to-date content in a long term. 

e-commerce design


  • Company: Orange seller

  • Year: 2020, 2021

  • Skill set: UX for decision to buy, international marketing, branding design, e-commerce market analysis, UI branding

  • Team collaboration: account manager, senior designer, marketing specialist


Product  Listing is an important content for showing products on the Amazon marketplace. My design is focused on  Product Pictures, Videos, and Enhanced Brand Content. All these designs were developed for Amazon FBA brands in the US market. This is an entire branding visual form of a beauty- care brand focusing on organic values

EBC(Enhanced brand content)

If product listing the key visuals that lead to direct "decision to buy"- EBC plays a role to support about product functionality and brand engagement to form the awareness of user about that brand. In this case, we want to promote "Dessert beauty" as an organic, environmental friendly through ingredients, efficiencies for users, production process,etc

Artboard 6.jpg
Artboard 7.jpg
Artboard 8.jpg
Artboard 9.jpg
Artboard 10.jpg
Artboard 11.jpg


Like a web shop of a brand in the Amazon marketplace. With the strategy of leading customers to " decision to buy", the storefront reflects a high customer journey encouraging people to get more products from that brand.

The design store for this brand is inspired by the natural beauty of women who can be proud of themself. The mission of this store is to build a brand story and obtain customer royalty through experiences of products.



3D printing control app for kids

  • Company: Be A Maker Club. Internship task

  • Year: 2020

  • Skill set: UX research for kid e-learning through play, UI design

  • Team collaboration: product engineers, educators, designers

Problems and Solutions

  • Problems: 

    • The COVID-19 pandemic has presented significant challenges for STEM education, which often relies on hands-on, physical interaction.

    • How can we effectively demonstrate the printing process to students in a way that is as realistic as possible?​​

  • Solutions: 

    • Enhance children's printing experiences by utilizing a camera to provide real-time footage of the entire process.

    • This innovative technology also allows for seamless connectivity with hardware, enabling efficient management of the 3D printing process. 

Screen view

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